British Science Week Scanners Tour 2018

Open-Lab: MRI Scanners Past and Future

Saturday 17th March

The FFC-MRI Prototype Scanner

Prototype FFC-MRI Scanner


Venue: Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Art Space and Aberdeen University's PEDRI Unit.

The world’s first MRI scan of a patient was done in 1980, using Aberdeen University’s “Mark-I” scanner. Now a team of scientists at the University’s Medical School has built a new kind of scanner called “Fast-Field-Cycling” MRI, which could provide earlier diagnosis of many diseases. This event is a unique opportunity to see for yourself the original Mark-I scanner in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and to visit the laboratory where the world’s only prototype FFC-MRI scanner has been built.

Experts will be on hand to explain the scanning technology, to answer questions and to guide tours to see the scanners.

The original Mark 1 scanner

Original MRI Scanner Aberdeen